Water Tank Cleaning

It is absolutely essential to have your water tank cleaned regularly in order to avoid contamination and protect your water supply. Any matter that falls onto your roof and into your gutters can affect the purity of your water, and this in turn can lead to major health problems.
Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help prevent blockages and ensure maximum flow of water to your tank.
Drinking water can pose a risk to your health; however there are ways of minimizing the risk.
Drinking water in its untreated state can cause illness such as Giardiasis, Gastroentreritis (caused by E.Coli) & Cryptosporidiosis.
Installing an under bench filter systems takes out chemicals and heavy metals from drinking water. Another option is a UV Light & Filter system to filter all the water going into your house.
In a rural environment bore water & rain water from roofs are a cause for concern.
The health department recommends you check your tanks at least once a year by testing the tank water for chemical and bacterial agents. Having the water tank cleaned yearly and cleaning pipes and guttering are ways to minimize the risk.
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